Q48 is code-name for high intensity exercise

Those of you who are well on their way towards premium fitness levels and are already enjoying a lifestyle that is healthy and balanced will enjoy this next motivation. Those of you who consider yourselves to be healthy and balanced in both body and mind already know that this key principle on wellness, or what it essentially means to be well, know full well that not only is your weekly exercise schedule balanced, the food you eat every day is the natural product of a well-planned and healthily balanced eating plan.


Those of you who are currently enjoying supreme fitness levels are ambitious to the bone and muscle and are always looking out for new ways to not only improve existing fitness levels but enhance the quality of your weekly exercise schedules. Those of you who consider yourself to be ageing well in your advancing years may now be a bit more rational and realistic in the management of your weekly exercise plans.

This means that it is quite possible that you are no longer exercising every single day. You read and researched this well. You only need to exercise every other day, say even, three times a week, to keep fit at your age. But you are concerned. Your fitness levels still seem to be flagging now that you’ve reduced your exercise quotas. This is where Q48 comes in use. It is yet another innovative motivation towards high intensity workouts just every other day and for no more than at least thirty minutes per workout session.

By now you know that you can do some more online reading and research on this concept and how you can implement it effectively in your life.